- - Limar Launches 007 Aero Helmet

Limar Launches 007 Aero Helmet

It’s been quite a few years since I last donned my Limar helmet. But, to be truthful, it’s mainly because it doesn’t match my current “kit”. And, no one falls prey to fashion quite like I do.    

In any case, I recall the helmet as being quite comfortable. And, given its bold shape and ventilation, it seemed to have an edge on the competition in terms of style.

Jumping to the present, it’s nice to see that Limar has hopped on the “aero” helmet bandwagon with its new 007. And, to the Italian brand’s credit, the 007 appears to mitigate some of that “laboratory ugly” style, which seems to plague most of the “aero” helmets on the market. 

Like all “aero” helmets the 007 is designed to reduce drag, via its smooth exterior and limited number of ventilation ports.

The 007 uses a mono shell design, which features Limar’s Competition+ Fit System, wherein a micro-dial and height adjustment system aims to tailor things in for a perfect fit. In addition, the 007 has a magnetic buckle, along with antibacterial pads on the inside.

How light is it? According to Limar the 007 weights 320g, which won’t win any awards in svelte category. But, if the 007 is as comfortable as my old Limar helmet was, then comfort will prevail over weight. 

On the downside, the 007 doesn’t come any special features synonymous with the well-known British spy, like a homing device or a hidden stiletto. Nor will it likely attract a sultry women clad in gold. But, it may impress a podium girl or two.

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