- - Lauf's Maintenance Free "Carbonara" Fat Bike Suspension Fork

Lauf’s Maintenance Free “Carbonara” Fat Bike Suspension Fork


As we’ve said in the past, as inveterate roadies we seldom stray from the tarmac, until such time as an exciting product like Lauf’s Carbonara fat bike suspension fork prompts us to head-off into unchartered terrain. 

While the Carbonara has been around for a couple of years now, it represents Lauf’s latest design, which utilizes the company’s groundbreaking maintenance-free leaf spring suspension system that was first introduced on their gravel bike inspired Grit and Trail Racer forks. 

Like its siblings, the Carbonara is based on Lauf’s military spec S2 glass fiber leaf springs, which are bonded to the fork’s main body. From there, its 150mm x 15mm bolt-in, thru axle is oriented in a way that it floats in the middle of the two leaf springs, thus making it completely maintenance free. 


Lauf’s design gives the Carbonara 60mm of progressive travel (meaning rebound and dampening increase with travel and load), along with built-in “bump stops” which prevents it from bottoming out.  


The 1,100g Carbonara uses external routing for the front disc brake hose, however, zip ties must be used along the left side of the fork. In addition, the 1.25 x 1.5 inch tapered carbon steerer comes uncut at 250mm, so riders have ample opportunity to set their desired stack height before cutting. 


Other specs for the Carbonara include, 180mm post mount disc brake rotor mounts, 51mm of rake, 494mm from axle to crown and clearance for fat bike tires ranging from 26 x 4.8″ and 29 x 3.0″ plus.

Aesthetically speaking, while the Carbonara’s appearance might be polarizing to some, we think it’s pretty damn groovy with its beefy, bulldog good looks.

The retail price for the Carbonara is $890, and it’s available in Naked Matte and Full White, with additional custom paint options available.




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