- - LIMAR Unveils New Air King Time Trial Helmet

LIMAR Unveils New Air King Time Trial Helmet

Smoke once again billowed from the stack at LIMAR’s factory in Italy this week, as the Italian brand unveiled but another new helmet called the Air King.

One glance at the helmet immediately gives the Air King’s purpose away, to cheat the wind in every way possible. 

Designed alongside Team Astana, LIMAR once again turned to the world famous Magny-Cours wind tunnel to hone the Air King’s aerodynamic properties, which they say resulted in a final profile that was “literally shaped by the wind”

According to LIMAR, air enters the Air King via three central openings at the front of the helmet, which in turn direct the flow of air through the helmet’s 8 inner channels. Thanks to the Venturi effect the flow is constant, whereby the exiting of air from a single back opening completes the wind trail and the bottom closure prevents the formation of turbulences.

“Every detail in Limar Air King has been studied to satisfy the most demanding cyclists during the most challenging competitions. The shield in polycarbonate is perfectly integrated with the helmet design and the new Air Fit adjustment system is light and compact, granting both horizontal and vertical adjustments, in perfect connection with the straps, offering top fit, accordingly to the strictest standards of safety and comfort”, says LIMAR.

The Air King features a one-piece molded mono shell design with 3 front vents, 8 longitudinal inner channels and 1 rear exit, along with a polycarbonate shield that’s integrated into the helmet. 

The new aero lid also comprises LIMAR’s AirFit adjustment system, lightweight internal webbing and antibacterial padding. 

The Air King is available in one size that’s design to accommodate rider’s from 53 to 57.  

No word on pricing as of yet. And, from what we can glean the Air King currently only available in white or Astana team colors. 





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