- - The LINKA Launches New LEO Smart Bike Lock

The LINKA Launches New LEO Smart Bike Lock

The makers of the world’s first mounted smart bike lock, LINKA, introduced their newest smart bike lock the LINKA LEO this month, which features an exclusive power bank anchoring system called LOOP, representing the first smart bike lock to combine theft-tracking GPS, global tamper alerts and on-the-go charging.

The LINKA LEO is also the first smart bike lock designed to accommodate larger e-bike wheels, while remaining compatible with traditional bike sizes. A larger battery capacity means battery life is now measured in years, not months.

Expanding on the original LINKA lock’s technology, which sends automatic tamper alerts within Bluetooth range (120m), the LINKA LEO can send tamper alerts anywhere in the world, while these alerts don’t require a data plan or fees.

Once LINKA LEO detects tampering, its sophisticated GPS turns on to track the stolen bike’s location with a 3 meter range of accuracy.

“LEO is designed for cyclists by cyclists,” said Mohamed Mohamed, founder and CEO of LINKA. “This is the world’s first smart bike lock to combine security features that urban cyclists demand with the advanced fleet management functionality that bike share operators need. Our goal is to provide convenience and security to urban cyclists in order to encourage a collective move towards sustainable urban mobility.”

Working in tandem with the LINKA app, the LINKA LEO remembers where a rider parks, can unlock automatically as the rider approaches, and allows riders to remotely loan their bike to friends. Moreover, a 120-decibel siren alarm and 9mm hardened steel shackle safeguard the bike.

Riders have the option of adding even more security by anchoring their bikes with the LOOP anchor system: LOOP Cable, LOOP Chain and LOOP Fold. Built exclusively for the LINKA LEO, each LOOP plugs into the lock and charges it while it tethers the bike, so riders never have to worry about keeping it fully powered up.

For bike share operators, LINKA is also debuting its new plug and play dockless bike share system, which includes:

  • FleetView, a dashboard that reports on the maintenance needs and location of the bike fleet in real-time.
  • GeoBlock, LINKA’s revolutionary advanced geofencing technology that prevents bikes from being locked outside of designated zones.
  • LINKA GO, a customizable app that incentivizes riders and allows them to locate, unlock and ride with efficiency.

LINKA’s new dockless bike share management system is compatible with the original LINKA lock, LINKA LEO and LINKA LOOP anchors.

The LINKA LEO and will ship in Spring 2018.

Interested parties can sign up for pre-order updates and special pricing at LINKA.

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