- - Louis Garneau Course Road Bike Helmet Reviewed

Louis Garneau Course Road Bike Helmet Reviewed

Writing a review about a helmet is probably one of the least exciting pieces of equipment a cyclist can write about. However, when a helmet lacks comfort and proper ventilation, it soon becomes tantamount to one’s enjoyment on the bike. Here’s an example.

A couple of seasons back, a sales rep for a well known maker of high end cycling helmets offered me a free sample of the brand’s flagship model. While there are many things for free in this world that I would gladly turn down, a high zoot helmet isn’t one of them. So, with shameless alacrity, I seized the opportunity to grab a free helmet.

The long and short of it is, the freebie proved to be the most uncomfortable helmet that I had ever worn. In fact, there were periods when the damn thing was so uncomfortable, on more than one occasion, it prompted a headache along a ride. 

However, being a slave to fashion, it was the only solid colored helmet that I had at the time, which would tie in nicely with the rest of my vast arsenal of cycling apparel.

In any case, regardless of how much I drove home the importance of “accessorizing” to my therapist at the time, he diagnosed my fastidiousness as being an extreme case of Vidal Sassoon Complex. To wit, ‘If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”, only in reverse. 

Well, I eventually decided to break the cycle, and give the freebie the old heave-ho, and replace it with something equally stylish, but with more of an emphasis on comfort this time.

Since then, a handful of different helmets have come and gone from my possession. And, while I’ve had some favorites (and some that were not so favorable), I’m pleased to say that none were worn at the expense of comfort. Baby steps!! 



Jumping to the present, I recently received a new helmet to try out, in the form of Louis Garneau’s top-of-the-line road helmet – the Course.

I must say, at first glance, I immediately found the Course refreshing to look at, by virtue of its clean lines and simple design. I’m not sure how most readers feel about the current trend in helmets, but in my opinion, many have taken on this “laboratory ugly” look, all in the name of aerodynamics. And, while there may be some merit to their designs, I found myself regressing back to a state of vain proclivity. Ugh, I’d sooner wear a coconut shell and strap, than any of them.  

Getting on with the Course.

In addition to it’s appearance, what I truly like about the Course, it is uncompromising design. There’s no fancy application of science here, with fussy adjustment systems or add-on or take-off parts, just a real straightforward design that assures good fit by way of a simple adjustment dial, internal skeleton and traditional strap/closure. Moreover, its very lightweight with a nice balance of ventilation for both warm and cold weather riding conditions. And, that’s certainly an important consideration for cyclists who ride in diverse climates – like New England.


In conclusion, I’ve had a very positive experience donning the Course. It’s provided me with excellent fit and great comfort – unadulterated by far-flung features and technology. What more needs to be said?

Well, given it’s “euro-gucci” style, albeit by way of Canada, I can still secretly revel about how good I look in the Course. 

There, I’m cured.


Garneau Course Helmet

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