- - Mavic's New Comete Aero-Disc Wheelset Spotted?

Mavic’s New Comete Aero-Disc Wheelset Spotted?


There’s something rotten in both the state of France and Germany, if there’s any validity to these images which appear to show Mavic’s new Comete aero/disc brake wheelset. 

These spurious images recently appeared on Canyon’s website, as the German bike brand purports to show what may very well be the latest incarnation of Mavic’s Comete range of products. 


While there are only those details which can be gleaned from the images, the full carbon wheelset looks to posses a rim depth upward of 60mm, alongside the equivalent of 140mm disc brake rotors.

Other than that, there are no further details until such time as the gravediggers of Annecy reveal more. 


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