- - Manta5 Wows with New Hydrofoil eBike

Manta5 Wows with New Hydrofoil eBike

Manta5 is wowing clients with its latest Hydrofoiler SL3 eBike, offering an updated version of the brand’s patented easy-launch technology that can thrust the hydrofoiler onto the water’s surface without pedaling, promising owners they can now master the water bike in minutes – instead of hours. 

“Having no hull or pontoon is a welcome trade-off. Just like improving your skills on a land bike it encourages learning and improving, and ultimately to loving every session,” CEO Mark Robotham said in a statement. “Falling off and getting wet when starting out is all part of the fun. Typically with the SL3 it takes less than an hour to go from novice to confident. From there, anyone can add fresh and saltwater to their routine.”

The New Zealand-based company launched its first hydrofoil eBike back in 2017 called the XE-1. However, the new SL3 boasts a carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum construction, making it buoyant enough to float and light enough to carry. Moreover, its sleek, modular design allows it to be broken down and packed into any size car. 

Additionally, a new tiller also positions the SL3 at an ideal angle for takeoff, making the overall setup more stable, while its monocoque chassis ensures the water bike stays upright even when it’s stationary.

In terms of safety, if the rider happens to fall off, built-in tilt sensors will instantly shut off the propeller.

How fast is it?

According to Manta5, the SL3’s 2,500W electric motor allows it to reach a top speed of up to 12.4 mph, with an operating time of around 4 1/2 hours depending on the conditions.

The SL3 is be available in early 2023, with pricing to be announced.  




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