- - Markus Storck Partners with McLaren on "One of Seven’ Project

Markus Storck Partners with McLaren on “One of Seven’ Project

Markus Storck, founder of bike brand that bears his name, is teaming up with the prestigious automaker, McLaren, to produce  a series of exclusive products under the moniker – “One OF SEVEN”.

The range will feature a series of specially designed products, involving everything from cars to watches and even wine, which will be strictly limited to a production run of just seven items.

According to Storck, the project represents the first time a bike manufacturer has been involved in the design and customization of several exclusive products, to include having a role in the design of a high end sports car. In fact, its usually it’s the other way around, says Storck.


Similar to the bronze finish that’s feature on this McLaren 650 S, Storck has executed the same scheme on his Aernario Disc. In addition, Storck has also created a line of carbon fiber eyewear in partnership with BLAC, along with a matte black Rolex watch created jointly with BLAKEN. Moreover, an exclusive wine is still to follow, which has been bottled in collaboration with Balthasar Ress winery in Hattenheim in Rheingau, Germany.

The Storck/McLaren “ONE OF SEVEN” project, will be on display at the largest McLaren dealership in Germany.




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