- - Mavic's Ksyrium Elite Wheels Get Wider Rims

Mavic’s Ksyrium Elite Wheels Get Wider Rims

Mavic’s Ksyrium moniker has been around, for what seems like forever. But, that’s a good thing, because with each new iteration or model, the Ksyrium range has continued to progress. 

However, one criticism about the renown French brand, has been its reluctance to get onboard with the go “wider” trend. 

Good news, Mavic has decided to increase the width on its popular mid-level Ksyrium Elite wheelset by 2mm over the previous model.

As a result, the inner width is now 17mm, which lends itself to larger tire selections, such a 25mm.

This will undoubtedly satisfy the “gravel grinder” segment, which has steadily gone “bigger” and “wider”, as a means for better performance and comfort.

Indeed, according to Mavic, the dimensions of the new Ksyrium Elite’s in combination with a 25mm tire, yields an 18% increase in air volume, while also reducing rolling resistance by 13%.


The new rim features Mavic’s patented ISM4D technology, wherein excess material is removed between the rim and spokes in order to reduce weight. Moreover, Mavic claims the wheel’s increase in width, carries no weight penalty either.

Mavic has packaged the new wheelset, with its 25mm Yksion Pro tires, which features their Griplink and Powerlink technology front and rear respectively, for a softer compound where you need it, and a rear tread pattern that’s designed to increase rolling efficiency.

Mavic has also given the Ksyrium Elite’s a nice cosmetic makeover, with a new combination matte/glossy finish, with a range of decals in either  black on black, black with red highlights or black with blue highlights.


For over a decade, Ksyrium Elite has stood for high reliability, light weight and versatility, utilising the same high-tech features from the Ksyrium Pro (SL) but at an even more attractive price-point. Mavic’s exclusive and patented Fore Drilling creates a strong and durable connection of the spokes to the rim while our innovative Isopulse lacing improves stability and lateral stiffness under heavy loads such as sprinting or climbing.

New for 2015 is the complete re-design of the rim. They are now wider, by increasing the internal width by 2mm we give the tire a larger surface area to improve both comfort and rolling efficiency. The air volume has increased by 18% which delivers the following benefits:

• Lower rolling resistance – For the same tyre pressure the rolling resistance is reduced by 13%
• Greater comfort – While maintaining the same rolling resistance you can lower the tire pressure by 20psi
• Improved puncture performance – A bigger gap between the road and the edge of the rim reduces the chance of a pinch flat or “snake-bite”

All of this performance is achieved without any weight penalty, thanks to the use of our exclusive patented ISM4D technology. Staying true to the Elite philosophy, to offer the best technology available where it really matters, ISM4D leaves the exact amount of material around the spokes to maximise the balance between durability, strength and weight. The result is a wide yet super-light rim at just 405g.

The finish has also been re-designed and upgraded using a combination of matt and glossy contrasting to compliment the high performance and technology of the wheelset. Available in three colour options depending on your personal preference and to match your bike and equipment – black on black, black with red highlights and black with blue highlights.

The new Ksyrium Elite will still come fitted with our Yksion Pro tire. The Yksion Pro Griplink is optimised for front wheel use thanks to its sticky compound, water evacuation tread pattern and super strong Kevlar flat protection, it will keep you safe on any road surface and in all weather conditions. The rear wheel comes with the Yksion Pro Powerlink with its specially designed compound, supple nylon reinforced casing and tread pattern to increase rolling efficiency. The result is not only a fast and dependable performing tyre system but one that is also extremely light weight at just 210g in a generous and comfortable 25mm width.
Weight : 1550 grams (Pair without tires)

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