- - McLaren Launches New Electric Mountain Bikes with Powerful 600W Motors

McLaren Launches New Electric Mountain Bikes with Powerful 600W Motors

Renowned for game-changing supercars and hypercars such as the McLaren P1, luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive is ushering in the era of electric hyperbikes with its debut range of electric mountain bikes unveiled today.

Taking inspiration from the company’s award-winning supercars, the new limited-edition four-bike range extends McLaren’s extreme performance-focused design and technology into the electric two-wheeled world for the first time.

Designed by the same teams responsible for supercars like the electrified lightweight McLaren Artura hybrid supercar, the first-ever McLaren eBikes embrace signature McLaren attributes such as carbon fiber construction and next-generation electrification to deliver an authentically McLaren high performance experience.

The eBikes’ powerful motor enhances their high power-to-weight ratio, a pivotal attribute mirrored in the development of every McLaren supercar. Designed with torque figures that surpass the standard of other premium e-bikes, the McLaren e-bikes have been engineered for class-leading performance.

Further reinforcing the link to supercars, the McLaren design team devised an innovative digital display whose graphics mimic those of the cars’ driver displays. Ensuring maximum rider engagement and user-friendliness, telemetry information including speed, battery life and range is shown on a full-color integrated LCD panel on the handlebars.

McLaren offers four distinct models, the Extreme 600, Extreme 250, Sport 600, and Sport 250, with each offering the ultimate two-wheel ride, whether on city streets, off-road tracks, or mountain trails.

The flagship McLaren 600 versions vie for the title of the world’s most powerful street-legal electric mountain bike with its Race mode delivering up to 852W of peak power and a top speed of 20mph/ 32kph, while two electric mountain bike models are available in limited numbers,  29″ hardtail version and a full suspension version with 29″ front wheel, 27.5″ rear wheel, 145m of rear travel, and 160mm of fork travel.

In total, four models complete the range, each with seamless power transmitted to the rear wheel via a 12-speed drivetrain, SRAM electronic XX Eagle AXS on Extreme models, and SRAM mechanical GX Eagle on Sport models.

McLaren Sport 

The ideal, all-purpose mountain bike that is just as at home off the beaten track as on aggressive single track, with integrated componentry and minimalist frame design for pure McLaren style. As with McLaren cars, there is a choice of power modes, selectable via the digital display on the integrated cockpit.

  • Off – No motor assist
  • Eco – Energy conservation for long rider
  • Trail – A set-it-and-forget-it balance of power and efficiency
  • Sport – Extra power output for when the trail demands more
  • Race – Max power and max torque

McLaren Extreme 

The Extreme is a full-suspension electric mountain bike designed for maximum off-road performance, control, and comfort. All five power modes are as per the McLaren Sport. The Sport and Extreme models are both shod with Pirelli tires.

Availability of McLaren e-bikes is limited. Customers can secure one by visiting

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