- - Michelin Offers New Power Competition Tubular Tire

Michelin Offers New Power Competition Tubular Tire

After a long absence from the tubular tire segment, Michelin has launched a new model called the Power Competition.

According to Michelin, the new tubular tire incorporates aramid-reinforced cotton with a latex innertube for “efficiency and durability”.

The tread compound is derived from the company’s Power range to deliver optimal grip on dry and wet roads, while Hi-Density Protek cross-laid strengthening provides additional protection against punctures.

“The Power Competition tubular tire was designed to meet the demands of exacting cyclists due to its combination of energy efficiency, grip and durability,” says Michelin.

The Power Competition tubular was raced throughout the 2018 season under the auspices of Cofidis Solutions Crédits, which earned no fewer than 54 podium and 21 victories under the most extreme riding conditions.

Michelin’s bicycle tire division manager, Ulrike Ristau-Hutter, said, “Cofidis hit the ground running and won races from the start of last season. The comments from the rides were that they feel safe, reassured and confident.”

“This partnership marks our return to topflight racing and road cycle racing’s most prominent events. We are delighted with what we have achieved together and with all the wins we have notched up as a result.”

Cédric Vasseur, Cofidis Solutions’ team onager said, “we have worked successfully with Michelin to produce a tubular tyre that is not only energy-efficient but also reliable when it comes to guarding against punctures.

“One of the keys to its success has been taking care of tire pressures. It feels like riding on a cushion of air, and we don’t pick up any punctures!”

The Power Competition tubular tire is available in sizes 23mm, 25mm and 28mm.

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