- - Moots Shows-Off Updated Range of ROUTT Gravel Bikes

Moots Shows-Off Updated Range of ROUTT Gravel Bikes

Moots is showing-off updated versions of their popular ROUTT RSL, ROUTT 45 and ROUTT YBB gravel bikes, all of which get revised geometry and more clearance to accommodate wider tires and gravel specific drivetrains.   

According to Moots, the goal was to make their ROUTT gravel bikes both more comfortable in terms of riding position, as well as more stable at speed while traversing challenging terrain.

To accomplish this, Moots says they extended the chainstays further out, which not only served to provide more clearance for wider tires, but also allowed for more precise spacing of the chainrings and cranks in order to work better with gravel-specific groupsets like Shimano’s GRX and Sram’s Force AXS.

Additionally, Moots says wider handlebars and shorter stems were also adopted, again, all in the name of comfort and stability.  


The ROUTT RSL still tops the range as Moots’ premier gravel bike, which features the company’s internally butted titanium tubing, 12x142mm thru-axles, flat mount disc brake mounts, a 44mm headtube, three water bottle mounting points, a threaded 68mm bottom bracket shell and hidden mudguard eyelets.

“Pure gravel performance, 45mm tire clearance, stiff and light, the ROUTT RSL is the ultimate gravel bike and mixed surface machine,” regals Moots. 


According to Moots, the ROUTT 45 is aimed at the adventure cyclist who prefers the road less traveled, offering all of the attributes of the ROUTT  RSL, albeit with a slightly more relaxed geometry

“The ROUTT 45 is a workhorse gravel machine that’s aimed for adventure and versatility from tackling fast paced lunch rides to multi-day bike packing outings on ornery backwoods roads and trails.”  

“Shortened stays give the ROUTT 45 increased snappiness for climbing and cornering agility, while retaining the stable handling and comfort of the original Routt 45.  Optimized for 700 x 40-50mm tires, with a maximum tire size of 700 x 50mm. Clearance with compact double chain rings, or up to 42 tooth clearance with one by drivetrains,” explains Moots.

Plus, the ROUTT 45 also features Moots’ proprietary 6/4 titanium 3D-printed flat-mount disc rear mount to ensure precise wheel and brake alignment.


Once more, the ROUTT YBB offers many of the same hallmarks as its other ROUTT siblings, but distinguishes itself thanks to Moots’ rear “softail micro-suspension system” that can provide up to 20mm of travel.

“The ROUTT YBB is primarily designed for the cyclist looking for next-level compliance, when tackling mixed-surface rides.  It features just over 20mm of rear axle travel that takes the edge off backcountry road and trail chatter, to provide supremely smooth, confident, and pleasurable pedaling experiences,” says Moots. 

All three models are available with a number of different groupsets and custom options, with prices starting at $4,560 for a Routt 45 frameset.




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