- - MORGAW Launches FORSAGE Suspension Saddle

MORGAW Launches FORSAGE Suspension Saddle


First spotted a couple of years ago during a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, and then later being used amongst the fixierati and underground cycling culture, the Slovakian brand MORGAW has finally brought its road designated suspension saddle, the FORSAGE, to market.  

As the phrase suspension saddle implies, what distinguishes the FORSAGE from the rest of the dizzy array of saddles out there, is the elastomer suspension system that makes up the saddle’s platform.

Indeed, the shell of the FORSAGE is suspended via two elastomers, which are designed to provide isolation from road feedback. Moreover, there are three different elastomers which can be swapped out in order to dial in the specific amount of dampening/feedback a rider desires.

In addition to its dampening properties, MORGAW says the shape of the FORSAGE is of equal importance, lending itself to anatomical comfort ranging from everything to a short ride, to an all out stage race.

The FORSAGE is also available with two choices of interchangeable rails, namely, unidirectional carbon fiber and forged aluminum, with the carbon option getting the nod for lightweight, as well as appearance.

Moreover, MORGAW offers 10 different anodized colors for the FORSAGE’s hardware, which can be a important touch for the styling obsessed.

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Weighing in at 205g for the carbon rail version, the FORSAGE won’t win any awards for being light. But, given the fact it packs the unique  suspension system that it does, it shouldn’t be penalized either. 

To learn more about the FORSAGE, check out MORGAW website at: MORGAW ROAD







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