- - Mosaic Unveils New Integrated GT-1 i45 Gravel Bike Along with New SCALE Artist Series

Mosaic Unveils New Integrated GT-1 i45 Gravel Bike Along with New SCALE Artist Series

Mosaic rounds out its impressive lineup of handcrafted, fully integrated bike designs with the unveiling of their new GT-1 i45 gravel bike ahead of this weekend’s Mid South Gravel races. 

“Delivering the responsive ride feel and stable pedaling platform that riders know and love from the original GT-1 45, the new integrated option features bigger tire clearance – a conservative 45mm of clearance – and integrated front end for a sleek look and aerodynamic advantage. Embracing the bike’s racing heritage, Mosaic is launching the GT-1 i45 at the unofficial kickoff party of the gravel season found at Mid South. A full lineup of new GT-1 i45 bikes will be on display in the Mosaic booth at the race expo and will then be put to the test on the notorious red dirt (clay!) roads of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Watch for Mosaic pro gravel rider Brennan Wertz mixing it up at the front of the pro race on his new GT-1 i45 as well,” boasts Mosaic. 

Mosaic SCALE Artist Series

Not only is Mosaic showcasing the new integrated design with its lineup of GT-1 i45 bikes at Mid South, but each of these bikes will also feature a new eye-catching Mosaic Artist Series paint design.

“SCALE marks the sixth edition of the Mosaic Artist Series and features a cohesive mix of colorful chaos with each design,” Mosaic founder Aaron Barcheck explains. “We’re pumped to add another Artist Series option to the lineup and love the serpentine look and feel of SCALE.

First introduced in 2019 with PRISMATICA, the Mosaic Artist Series finish work program blurs the lines between art and craftsmanship. Barcheck and his art team dream up intricate and wildly unique designs, releasing these on a limited-edition basis. The series evolves with each new design and is available as an option on any Mosaic bike model or as a re- paint on any existing Mosaic frame.

Mosaic GT-1 i45 Build Details

The GT-1 i45 features a Mosaic double-butted titanium tube set that is specifically selected for each rider and is offered with Mosaic Made-To-Order geometry. This enables Mosaic to create a GT-1 i45 to fit each rider’s specific fitrequirements, handling preferences, and riding aspirations perfectly, the way only a Made-To-Order Mosaic can.

Mosaic is proud to expand its lineup of handcrafted titanium bikes with the new series of integrated options including the RT-1 ITR “Integrated Thick Road”, GT-1 iAR All-Road, and GT-1 i45 Gravel. However, Mosaic recognizes that an integrated front end is not for everyone and will continue building and supporting the traditional RT and GT bikes so that everyone can experience the exquisite ride quality and performance Mosaic bikes are known for.

GT-1 i45 Pricing and Availability:

As with any Made-To-Order 1-Level Mosaic frameset, the GT-1 i45 is available exclusively through a Mosaic Dealer and carries a lead time of 6-8 weeks.
Priced at $8,300 for the Frameset Module (Frame, Fork, ENVE Integrated Stem, ENVE Seatpost, ENVE Integrated Headset).

SCALE Artist Series Paint Availability:

The new Artist Series pain design is available for an upcharge of $1,300 on any 1-Level Mosaic frame.





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