- - Mountain Washer Portable Pressure Washer

Mountain Washer Portable Pressure Washer

With the “gravel” bike segment growing the way it has, cleaning one’s bike off after a ride is no longer relegated to just mountain bikes. And, we’re not mountain bikers here.  😛 

If you’re like me, and don’t want to filthy your jitney by throwing a dirty bike in it, this portable pressure washer by Mountain Washer, may prove to be an effective way to power wash away a coat of dirt and mud that may otherwise end up in your trunk or backseat.

All that’s needed, as a dirty-ass bike, a 12v outlet, which every vehicle has, and everything else is self-supporting.

Besides, it comes from Canada, and everyone knows how good they are at making bacon.   


You just got back to the car after an awesome day in the great outdoors. The only problem? What to do with all that dirty gear. Load it up, get your car all messy, unload at home, and then TRY to wash off all that dried up mud and dirt when all you want to do is chill! Not any more.

Take mountainwasher with you on every adventure and you can wash your gear anytime, anywhere! Mountainwasher is a compact, portable, self contained power washer that you keep in your car, truck or SUV. Powered from your vehicle’s power outlet, mountainwasher’s low energy consumption and water saving design is easy to use to quickly clean your stuff and be on your way. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!​​​​​​​​​​


· Powered by vehicle’s 12V power outlet. Take it anywhere!
· High efficiency pump motor with auto shut off.
· 15 litre water tank for up to 12 minutes of continuous use
· Conserves water. Efficient spray saves litres of water per wash.
· Quiet operation
· Compact and low profile
· Lockable roller wheels
· Storage compartments
· Multipurpose adjustable spray gun
· Shower head attachment.
· Brush Head attachment.
· 6m hose and 3m power card ensures plenty of reach
· Low pressure won’t harm bearings/seals/finish
· 1 yr Limited Warranty


· Volt:12V (DC)
· Power:60W (54-84W)
· Electric:5A (4.5-8A)
· Pressure:43.5-130.5 PSI
· Battery:NA
· Water tank:15L, PE
· Hose:6.0m, PVC, Black, 15Bar
· Power cord:3.0m, Black

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