- - New Adventure Cycling Film: "From the Doorstep"

New Adventure Cycling Film: “From the Doorstep”

From The Doorstep is a poignant short film that challenges the notion that adventure has to happen on a grand scale, and highlights the power of the simple overnighter.

It follows adventure cyclist Brian Donnelly as he rides from his front door to the river, paddles to a small island, and spends the night camping out, all in the space of a single day.

Every now and then, a short film comes out that reminds us why we love getting outside to ride and camp, no matter the distance. From The Doorstep is one of those films. It gets right to the heart of the matter in just a few minutes, and speaks volumes about the possibilities for adventure that await just beyond our front doors.

And it’s a great reminder of how meaningful connecting with the places around us can be, without the need to spend months planning, save for plane tickets, submit vacation requests, or even start up the car.

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