- - Barstow Bike Tool System from Mineral Design

Barstow Bike Tool System from Mineral Design

The Philadelphia-based Mineral Design has turned to crowd-funding as a means of getting their new bike tool, the Barstow System, off of the production line, and into the hands of cyclists.

The Barstow System comes from the design duo of Justin Dodd and Mike Manzione – two engineers who have experience involving everything from the motocross industry, to consumer electronics, to construction equipment and now cycling. 

Here’s their ditty on Kickstarter:

What is it?

The Mini Bar

The Mini Bar is a high quality, portable, and customizable mini tool for your bikes, boards, or house projects. Using standard ¼” hex bits, the Mini Bar allows you to only carry the bits you need. The bit rack stores up to 6 bits and attaches to the tool with 2 powerful neodymium magnets for a secure hold. There are 3 driver locations on the tool; 2 for high torque applications and 1 to quickly spin bolts in. All driver locations retain the bits with neodymium magnets. The tool itself is made of strong and lightweight welded steel tubing. This compact tool will last a long time.

The Barstow Chain Tool Set

The Barstow System is a new way to store tools and other items conveniently on your bike and out of sight. The Barstow Chain Tool is a complete chain breaking tool with integrated chain link storage that fits inside your handlebar. Compact and easy to use, the Barstow Chain Tool simplifies what you carry by always having a chain tool and quick link within easy reach. All Barstow Caps not only look great, they protect your bars during a crash as well as your gut from puncture wounds.

Why do I need it?

“But dudes of Mineral, there are already so many mini tools!”

We know there are lots of choices for bike and mini tools out there. Some of them are really great, some… not so great. Until recently, many tool makers had largely ignored the replaceable bit philosophy, rather choosing to fold up what are essentially large independent hex wrenches to form the tool. Some tools even use bits, but they are not user replaceable. Others use replaceable bits but put them in a large and heavy tool, negating the benefit of using bits in the first place.

We designed the Mini Bar taking all of these concerns into account. We wanted a compact yet strong tool. We wanted the flexibility of using different bits while providing storage locations on the tool itself. Lastly, we wanted something that looks and feels as good as it functions. We love this tool and we think you will too.

Creating a separate chain tool means a lighter and smaller mini tool. The Barstow Chain Tool is a great way to carry one less item in your bag or pocket. We were also able to incorporate a storage location for your repair chain link on the Barstow Chain Tool; no more fishing for those tiny links at the bottom of your bag or worse, losing half of it. Plus, we think the bar caps look great!

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