- - New Cycling Apparel Brand L'Etape

New Cycling Apparel Brand L’Etape

While the cycling apparel segment seems to have reached a point of near saturation, some brands are trying to do things differently.

Such is the case for the new Netherlands based brand, L’Etape, that’s putting a little wit and whim into their marketing strategy, by offering a new design every month.

Indeed, L’Etape will announce a new “kit” each month, which will only be available till they sell out.

Want one ? Better get it before they’re gone is their motto.

We suspect L’Etape’s goal is to bring a certain element of exclusivity to its brand, while others remain stolid throughout the season. 


L’Etape is beginning its launch with with three designs, which according to them, are made in Italy using the finest of materials. There’s the 13, which celebrates the tradition of pinning one’s race number upside-down if they are luck enough to draw it, the Hall of Fame, which draws its inspiration from the time honored tradition of drawing graffiti along the roadways of many of Europe’s famous races and Put the Hammer Down, which pays tribute by to the breakaway riders who animate the races, by broadcasting “Allez” !


As far as pricing and availability are concerned, nothing exclusive comes cheap. Each kit will set you back about €229.00. But, the good news is, L’Etape offers worldwide shipping, so that means us yanks can get our hands on these groovy cycling togs.

Oh, and there’ll be a Pavé design, right around the corner too.

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