- - New Recipe Book "Eat, Race and Win"

New Recipe Book “Eat, Race and Win”

EAT, RACE and WIN is the endurance athletes guide to eating.

Following the successful Grand Tour Cookbook, Hannah Grant brings you the year round must-have food and nutrition bible. Thousands of people around the globe have praised her easy to follow, healthy and tasty recipes. Hannah has, in collaboration with Physiologist Dr. Stacy Sims Ph.D, created EAT, RACE, WIN; a modern classic sports nutrition and hydration cookbook to support and guide the athlete through their training programme throughout the year.

EAT, RACE and WIN also features unique interviews with some of the worlds best endurance athletes, Peter Sagan, Michael Valgren, Selene Yeager, Gwen Jorgensen, the Diabetic team Novo Nordisk and with a foreword by Greg LeMond.

These tailored meals are designed to maximize physical levels and reach peak performance. Let yourself be inspired in the kitchen to go get those endurance sport goals in the bag it has never been more delicious and mouth watering to … EAT, RACE and WIN.




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