- - No.22 Dazzles with $1,100 Titanium Fenders

No.22 Dazzles with $1,100 Titanium Fenders

No.22 is dazzling customers with its latest bespoke titanium fenders, which will set them back a whopping $1,100.

However, if customers can be satisfied with having just a raw finish or a single anodized color, a set can be had for a paltry $900 to $1,000. 🙄 

According to No. 22, the fenders are made from a single piece of titanium, thus eliminating seams and resulting in clean edges and a smooth surface.

The fenders are available both a road and a gravel version, which can accommodate tires up to 28mm and 35mm, respectively. 

Surveillance cameras not included. 😉 



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