- - Nopinz Launches Hypersonic TT Skinsuit

Nopinz Launches Hypersonic TT Skinsuit

There’s perhaps no cycling apparel brand more synonymous with cheating the wind than Nopinz, especially with the launch of its latest Hypersonic TT Skinsuit, touting an aerodynamic advantage of 11 to 19 watts over its pervious flagship Flow Suit at 49 kph across yaw angles of 0, 4 and 7 degrees when paired with the new Hypersonic base layer.

“Our new Hypersonic range marks the culmination of months of development in creating the fastest possible TT suit we’ve ever released to date. Countless hours have been spent in fabric development and testing, I’m delighted with the incredible results that we have achieved with the Hypersonic kit. We can confidently say that the Hypersonic Skinsuit and Base Layer sets the precedent for high performance, aerodynamic kit in the Time Trial market. This is reflected in not only our own testing data, but also when independently tested by one of the leading UCI World Tour teams,” boasts Nopinz founder and CEO Blake Pond.

According to Nopinz, the upper portion of the Hypersonic TT skinsuit comprises close-knit weave fabrics that result in a flatter surface with less air penetration between the yarns, while the area of the shorts feature the British brand’s well-known Speedscalez for further aero-enhancing properties.

In the case of the Hypersonic base layer, the garment is treated to Nopinz’ new SuperStripe fabric to add texture where it matters, plus a specifically placed strip seam to disrupt the airflow over the lower back to further increase aerodynamics.

The Hypersonic TT Skinsuit sells for £275.00, while the Hypersonic base layer will set customers back £139.99.

To create an even better aerodynamic signature, the system can also be paired with the Hypersonic overshoes for £69.99.






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