- - Oakley Unveils New ARO3 Lite Helmet

Oakley Unveils New ARO3 Lite Helmet

Known more for its cycling shades than lids, Oakley has unveiled its latest AR03 Lite helmet, touting more ventilation and less weigh over the previous version.    

“Our new AR03 Lite is engineered for those unforgiving climbs and blistering heat thanks to less weight and optimized ventilation to help keep you cool,” boasts Oakley. 

According to Oakley, the AR03 Lite shaves 5 grams off of the outgoing AR03, along with BOA’s 360 Fit retention system with TX1 Laces that lies flat against the rider’s head, allowing for better fitment between helmet and eyewear.

Not surprisingly, there’s also an integrated eyewear dock that allows the rider to securely stow his or her sunglasses when not in use. 

For the safety conscious, the AR03 Lite features built-in MIPS head protection, allowing the helmet to twist on the rider’s head in the event of a crash, thus reducing rotational forces on the brain. 

The AR03 Lite sells for $120.00 ($60..00 down from the AR03), which is available in small (52-56cm), medium (54-58cm) and large (56-60cm) in either black, matte black, white or matte white. 




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