- - "Oil Me Up, I Mean Wax Me Up" with Cyclowax's Nex Gen Automatic Chain Waxing Machine

“Oil Me Up, I Mean Wax Me Up” with Cyclowax’s Nex Gen Automatic Chain Waxing Machine

Instead of “oiling up”, enthusiasts and pros alike can now automatically “hot wax up” their chains with Cyclowax’s new Nex Gen chain waxing machine. 

Cyclowax debuted its new Nex Gen at this year’s Sea Otter event, showcasing its ability to apply hot wax automatically to the chain while the bike is stationed within the machine itself. 

How does it work?

The bike is mounted on the Nex Gen similar to a smart trainer. From there, a section of the chain is then placed within a compartment where it is clamped, while hot wax is slowly applied via a slow-moving mechanism.

The process concludes with the chain exiting the compartment, with the wax solidifying as it cools

After around 30 minutes, the whole chain will be waxed and freshly lubricated.  

Details on availability and pricing are still scant on the Next Gen, but the WordlTour Lidl-Trek team has been spotted in the pits at this week’s Tour De France putting it through its paces. 





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