- - "One Year and 36 Minutes": Bikepacking from Alaska to Mexico

“One Year and 36 Minutes”: Bikepacking from Alaska to Mexico

words, photos and video by Greg McCahon

After an incredible year of pedaling from the northernmost tip of Alaska, we’ve taken a well-deserved pause to piece together our epic journey into one 36 minute film. This is the story of our 6,451 mile adventure from the untamed wilderness of Alaska to the lively streets of Chihuahua, Mexico. It’s the first chapter of our ride from Alaska to Argentina.

Our path has been dotted with many challenges and incredibly beautiful moments too, from up-close encounters with grizzly bears in Alaska, braving blizzards in Canada, 80 mile-per-hour headwinds in Nevada’s vast high desert, and overcoming the unique challenges of riding through northern Mexico.

Putting this together took countless hours over the past month, but I couldn’t be prouder of the result. I have a feeling that when we are old and frail, this is one of the videos we’ll watch to remember the good times, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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