- - Panaracer Revamps GravelKing Range of Tires

Panaracer Revamps GravelKing Range of Tires

After 10 years in the making, Panaracer has revamped its range of GravelKing tires, boasting three new specifications under the guises of Standard, + (plus) and R (race), along with an all-new model called the X1.

The Standard and + line-ups comprise the GravelKing alongside the GravelKing SS, SK, EXT and X1, while the R range forgoes the EXT model. Moreover, the new tires feature a new tread compound dubbed ZSG Gravel, which is made from a proprietary “zero slip grip” material that’s resistant to fluctuations in temperature, resulting in a more consistent delivery of performance both in terms of grip and better lower rolling resistance, regardless of the weather.

Additionally, the GravelKing range receives a new puncture resistance material called TuffTex, as well as a higher thread count casing that’s “fortified with precisely engineered bead-to-bead puncture protection”, while the + tires are treated to a dual layer of the material, with the R getting an even lighter casing.

Additionally, the bead has been redesigned to work with a “broader” range of rims, including both hookless and clincher types thanks to Panracer’s Bead Lock technology that only requires a standard floor pump for mounting.

In the case of the X1, it marks the first new GravelKing tire since 2017, with Panaracer calling it “the fastest model ever”. The tread pattern features a central design that’s claimed to improve rolling resistance for both the GravelKing SS and SK tires. Moreover, the X1 also uses side knobbies that are both higher and more aggressive in shape than those used in the center, offering what the Japanese brand says is improved traction on “loose and rocky” terrain, as well as better “cleaning” in muddy conditions, while also helping to deliver greater stability and speed.

The size range across the standard, + and R models include 700 x 26 up to 50c depending on the model, along with varoius options for 650b, 26″ and 29” wheel sizes.

Pricing for the US market is yet to be announced.  


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