- - PeopleForBikes National Bike Challenge Begins May 1st

PeopleForBikes National Bike Challenge Begins May 1st


The fifth annual PeopleForBikes’s National Bike Challenge starts this Sunday, May 1. The promotion seeks to have more than 100,000 bike riders tally 75 million miles ridden between Sunday and Sept. 30 of this year.

This year’s event is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle Products Brand. The 2016 Challenge offers a website with a redesigned look and new user experience, simplified registration, and more prizes.

The website is free for everyone to use to log their miles and celebrate riding. Registration is at for individuals or groups including workplaces, schools or teams.

“The National Bike Challenge is so much more than a competition. It is a motivator, a team-builder and a great way to strengthen the bicycling community,” said PeopleForBikes’ president, Tim Blumenthal. “PeopleForBikes brings people together to create a powerful, united voice for bicycling and its benefits. When you sign up for the National Bike Challenge, you help make bicycling better for everyone.”

After creating a profile, riders can begin logging miles using the mobile-enabled site or using other tracking apps such as Strava. Prizes, including new bikes, will be awarded to several participants each month.




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