- - POC Sports "Explores" with Printed Lights on Cycling Clothing

POC Sports “Explores” with Printed Lights on Cycling Clothing

To support POC’s mission and improve safety for road cyclists, the Swedish company has partnered with Light Flex Technology to explore a new and innovative printed light technology. The approach being explored is at the forefront of research and development as it uses independent active light to support rider visibility as opposed to regular passive reflective technology used on most bike apparel.

POC’s strong mission ‘to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists’. To support rider safety POC has always considered new technologies and ideas and working with Light Flex Technology is an illustration of this as the common goal is to move garment safety features from existing passive reflection to independent active light.

Light Flex Technology uses its new printed light technology which can be incorporated into any wearable to increase visibility. The patented technology is lightweight, flexible, washable and easily integrated. Light Flex Technology offers design flexibly since it can be printed in complex shapes and does not compromise comfort or aesthetics.

Johan Weman, responsible for digital business at POC, says:
“Innovation in safety is very important to us and we have created an in-house team, called POC AID, to look at all the possibilities of proactive and digital technology to support rider safety. Incorporating Light Flex Technology is a perfect example of what it’s about and it’s really exciting to see the potential of this technology working hand in hand with POC’s core mission.”

“The luminous vest we are developing is currently under testing as part of POC proto, which is where we explore and evaluates new technologies, visions and solutions. Currently the implementation is in the prototype stage, and over the following months we will continue with our extensive tests to optimize the system together with Light Flex Technology, but we are really motivated by the possibilities we are uncovering.”

Victoria Bäcksin, GM at Light Flex Technology says:
“We value the collaboration with POC since we are in alignment in our goals to increase safety and maintain the performance and style of the products. We are excited to continue developing new applications of our technology that will strengthen the collaboration between POC and Light Flex Technology to achieve a safer sports practice.”

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