- - POC Introduces New 3D-Printed Elicit Ttitanaium Sunglasses

POC Introduces New 3D-Printed Elicit Ttitanaium Sunglasses

POC has introduced its latest pair of sunglasses called the Elicit Ti, which features a 3D-printed titanium frame that’s culled from medical waste, fetching a hefty price of $400.

Like the standard Elicit Clarity, this new version has a frameless design. However, instead of plastic temples, the Elicit Ti has a trussed titanium design, resulting in a one-gram weight savings, while claiming to be stronger.

As mentioned, POC sources its titanium from waste generated in the making of surgical tools, which is salvaged, refined and reformed in Sweden, relying on 3D-printing to create the temples, while the unused titanium powder is recycled for use in subsequent batches.

“Constructed using residual medical-grade titanium (Ti-6AI-4V), the Elicit Ti sunglasses demonstrate that it is possible to combine sustainable thinking with a strong focus on performance. Developed for the highest levels of performance using the highest quality material, the sunglasses highlight that performance and sustainable thinking can go hand in hand. The featherweight temples feature a minimal truss structure on each side to enhance rigidity and keep the large Clarity lens firmly in place so that your vision remains sharp on every ride. This strictly limited-edition model of just 365 pieces tips the scale at just 22 grams, yet thanks to the strength of the titanium, the sunglasses provide optimal stiffness, comfort and balance” boasts POC.

Additionally, the Elicit Ti’s design allows for quick lens changes thanks to slide-in joints, which also allows the sidearms to break away in a crash to help prevent injury. Other features include POC’s single-piece, curved Clarity lens, which is treated with POC’s Ri-Pel coating to protect the lens from dirt, water, sweat and other contaminants, as well as an anti-scratch treated, two sizes of nosepiece, a spare clear lens and a hard case.


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