- - Podia Goes "Everesting"

Podia Goes “Everesting”

In August of last year, Falko Behr of Dresden, Germany undertook a personal challenge that would have most of us running in fear.

Falko, rode for 15 hours and 25 minutes, achieving 307 kilometers and 8,920 meters of elevation. But what makes this impressive from a psychological point of view, is that he achieved it all on the same 5.49 kilometer climb.

This is what’s called Everesting – one single climb, cycled repeatedly until you have reached the equivalent elevation of the peak of Mount Everest at 8,848 meters.

from Falko


The climb to the top of Mt. Keule comes as a 2.75 kilometers climb that covers 163 meters in altitude – at an average grade of 6 %. “Sure”, you might say, “that’s not much”, but the climb includes 3 sections with cobble stones that quickly add up to make 37 % of the entire passage. And with two of these being rated by 10 % this sure adds some nice extra challenge to this special section.





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