- - Podia Launches New 'RoadAdventures' Cycling Tour Series

Podia Launches New ‘RoadAdventures’ Cycling Tour Series


Podia first gained attention after creating a unique series of cycling adventures that made their way across Central and Eastern Europe.

From there, the Polish bloggers began affiliating themselves with bespoke cycling products such as the Italian and Czech bike brands Passoni and Festka, further carving out a niche for themselves by offering enthusiasts a cycling experience combined with a personalized, custom bike – like few others. 


Podia’s latest endeavor is a new series of cycling adventure tours called RoadAdventures, which expose the glory and excitement of lesser travelled roads and regions along the Polish/Slovak border.

There, Podia will visit awe-inspiring places like Medieval castles, flowing rivers and vast forests along the dramatic landscapes of the Tatra Mountains, providing cyclists with week-long adventures.


Is your interest piqued?


You can lean more about Podia’s RoadAdventures here.


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