- - Polar Announces New Verity Sense Optical Heart-Rate Monitor

Polar Announces New Verity Sense Optical Heart-Rate Monitor

As a global pioneer in heart rate measurement technology, Polar has launched the latest addition to its range of optical heart rate sensors called the Verity Sense.

“Building on over 40 years of expertise in wearable sports technology – including the game-changing Polar H10, the flagship heart rate sensor – the ultra-compact Verity Sense opens a new world of possibilities by measuring heart rate from the arm or temple,” says Polar.

Billed as a perfect alternative for sports or activities that require more versatility beyond chest straps or wrist-based devices, Verity Sense also offers more power, longer range and greater memory. Polar notes that the new HRM offering arrives at a time when many are now starting to see a return to normalcy on the horizon, and are determined to come back stronger than ever before.

“Measuring heart rate during training not only helps users accurately track their data and progress, but also helps ensure a safe and well-rounded workout. With its versatile and compact design, Verity Sense brings this technology to a wider range of sports where a wrist-based device or chest strap isn’t quite right. From swimming, martial arts, boxing to dancing, and everything in between, Verity Sense is designed for those looking for accuracy and precision in measurement while training,” explains Polar. 

Polar CEO Tomi Saario said, “from our unique vantage point at the top of the world near the Arctic Circle, we know how important it is to be able to adapt to different environments.

“Where a chest strap or fitness watch works well for one sport or activity, it might not work for another – and the Verity Sense is our answer to this. We’re always looking for new ways to help athletes of all sports better understand their bodies, and we’re so excited to bring a product as versatile and compact as Verity Sense to the masses.”

In addition to the adjustable design, Verity Sense is built to work with a wide variety of products as well. From wrist-based watches to cycling computers or treadmills – Verity Sense pairs through Dual Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

This enables real-time heart rate monitoring on a connected device or app, or afterwards through transferred data from recorded sessions.

Verity Sense brings several added advantages to Polar’s existing heart rate sensor product line and is – like the Polar H10, H9 and OH1 – a companion to Polar Flow, Polar’s free fitness and training app that offers a wide variety of training options and insights.

Polar points to a number of features in Verity Sense:

  • Comfort: Verity Sense keeps the wrist free for freedom of movement. It can be slipped around the arm, clipped on swimming goggles, or placed anywhere snugly and firmly against the skin under tight-fitting clothing. It is the ideal companion for those who simply need something more compact or cannot use a chest strap or wrist-based device for their favourite sport or activity.
  • Convenience: Verity Sense is easy to use, with the press of only one button. No moistening, no lifting your shirt.
  • Connectivity: Regardless of device, Verity Sense pairs easily through Dual Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. Follow heart rate in real time on a connected device or app, or transfer recorded session data for a deep dive afterwards.
  • Variety: Verity Sense suits countless sports, enabling every day to elite athletes to track how their body is working while training, from dancing and martial arts to swimming, boxing and everything in between.
  • Swimmer’s Best Companion: With the swimming goggle strap clip against the temple, Polar Verity Sense tracks heart rate, distance, and pace – automatically in the pool.

Verity Sense is an evolution from the Polar OH1 and H10 heart rate sensors:

  • 8-hour longer battery life on a single charge (20 hours of training)
  • 75m wider Bluetooth range with omnidirectional antenna (150m in total)
  • 12MB bigger memory (16MB in total, 600 hours of training data)

The Polar Verity Sense is available for US$89.95.





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