- - Post Apocalyptic Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tube Bra

Post Apocalyptic Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tube Bra


Call it a case of Mad Max meets Russ Meyer, along with a whole lot of political incorrectness on our part, but we couldn’t resist posting an article about this recent discovery – the Post Apocalyptic Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tube Bra. 

While, we’re not sure if it’s UCI approved, or if it’s guaranteed to increase watts for female riders and/or cross-dressers, but suffice to say, it’s likely to distract the competition.

Humor aside, it appears the designer is sure serious about her P.A.U.B.I.T.B. invention though. 

Completely vegan; blown-out, defunct bike inner tubes are cleaned, carefully cut, and sewn together with extremely heavy-duty black and red thread to form this upcycled/recycled halter top. It’s can be made to be extremely adjustable with lots of snaps (if you’re like me and your weight/measurements vary through the year, or you’re using it for costuming) or custom made to fit your specific measurements.

The one shown here is on a 36B size model, with chest circumference adjustability from 28″ to 39″, and neck-to-bottom strap adjustability from 15″ to 17″, but really, it can be made in just about any size. It’s shown with 3 snaps in front for cleavage-making, 8 snaps in back for chest circumference sizing, and 4 snaps at the top to adjust how much “push-up” effect you want.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with Russ Meyer, the 1970’s cult film-maker became legion for use of sultry women of immense pectoral pulchritude throughout all of his campy (no, not Camapagnolo) movies.  




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