- - Predator Cycles Offers Carbon Fiber Repair Kit

Predator Cycles Offers Carbon Fiber Repair Kit

If your carbon steed is suffering from a blemish or two, and there’s a little bit of a Geppetto in you, Predator Cycles is offering a do-it-yourself repair kit.   

Sure beats shipping your bike off somewhere for repair, eh ? 

Product Description

Cracked or damaged carbon fiber bike frame? We know that professional repair costs can be expensive! Predator is now offering the very affordable, all-encompassing DIY Carbon Repair Kit. Packed with top-of-the-line supplies, our kit allows the crafty cyclist to repair his/her small to medium crack in a jiffy!

Our kit includes the following:

(1) 12″x 6″ sheet of 3K carbon fiber weave
(1) bottle of epoxy (See instructions for volume ratios)
(1) bottle of hardener (See instructions for volume ratios)
(2) plastic mixing cups
(1) pair of latex gloves
(1) 3″x 5″ 120 wet/dry
(1) 3″ x 5″ 220 wet/dry
(1) 3″ x 5″ 320 wet/dry
(2) acetone / alcohol sanitizing wipes
(1) 2 yards heat compression tape
(1) printed instructional guide
(1) web link to video instruction, 3-part series


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