- - Princeton CarbonWorks Flaunts New Alta 3532 Wheelset

Princeton CarbonWorks Flaunts New Alta 3532 Wheelset

Princeton CarbonWorks is flaunting its latest wheelset dubbed the Alta 3532, delighting weight weenies with a set of disc brake-specific, tubeless-ready, clincher hoops that tip the scales at a gravity defying 1,094 grams in their lightest guise. 

Comprising a variable-depth rim that ranges from 32 to 35 mm that Princeton CarbonWorks calls its EVOLUTION rim design, the Alta 3532 feature an external width of 28.6 mm, along with an internal width of 21mm, allowing for the use of wider tires. 

“When it comes to new technologies, Alta 3532 is the first wheelset in the PCW stable to utilize our new EVOLUTION rim design and layup. Rim depth varies between 35 and 32 millimeters, with a rim weight of 348 grams (hooked, clincher, tubeless ready). Wheels offer improved spoke tension balance and ultimately better overall performance by utilizing the rim shape to balance spoke angle: steep spokes (drive side on the rear wheel and disc side on the front wheel) are attached to the deeper section of the rim, bringing them in more symmetry with the opposing sides’ spokesFor the first time ever, a variable and asymmetric cross section is used to aid in spoke engagement and create a more direct spoke to rim interface; the nipple bed articulates from drive side to non-drive side with each spoke to better match the spoke entry angle to the rim. EVOLUTION is an inherently lighter overall design methodology by removing material on the inner of the edge of the rim, optimizing spoke bracing angles and tensions, and ultimately creating a more efficient final product,” boasts Princeton CarbonWorks. 

Elsewhere, the Alta 3532 features a solid outer rim bed for improved strength and easier tubeless setup, a flattened area to better secure the tubeless valve stem nuts and a hooked rim format for a broader range of compatible tires. 

While Princeton CarbonWorks is currently only offering Alta 3532 in the aforementioned set-up, purists will eventually be able to roll on a set of tubulars, which will be offered in both rim and disc brake variants.

Additionally, as is the case with the brand’s other wheelsets, customers can choose from a wide-rang of high-end hubs from premium brands, including DT Swiss, Chris King, Industry Nine, White Industries, and the company’s own Tactic Racing.

Prices start at US$3,000, and go up to US$3,950, with chrome or gold graphics adding $200 on top of that. Plus, ceramic bearings can be had for another $600. 

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