- - Rapha Launches Gravel Specific "Explore" Range of Apparel

Rapha Launches Gravel Specific “Explore” Range of Apparel

Whether one philosophically or spiritually agrees with Rapha’s decision to sell-out to the upper echelons of Walmart or not, there’s no denying that the popular British brand has remained faithful to its mission of offering stylish cycling togs with a purpose.

The latest example of this is Rapha’s new Explore range of apparel that capitalizes on the ever-growing gravel bike segment.

The Exploro range consists of a new bibshort that features lightweight, water resistant material throughout, along with both rear and side pockets, which is a first for Rapha.

The collection also includes both a technical t-shirt and polo style jersey, providing a looser fit than a traditional cycling jersey, while offering hi-tech breathable fabrics.

In addition, there’s also a base-layer called the Explore Brevet, which features an advanced anti-bacterial fabric that Rapha claims was tested under the extreme conditions of ultra-cycling events. 

“The Explore Range is a whole new option for long and short days in the saddle and out of it” says Rapha.

You can learn more about the Explore range of apparel by visiting Rapha’s site here.

Beard not included.

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