- - Rapha Launches Men's Canyon/SRAM Kit

Rapha Launches Men’s Canyon/SRAM Kit


Boyeah, gender equality reaches a new level when Rapha decides to offer a men’s version of one of its kits otherwise dedicated to a women’s only team.  😀

Indeed, Rapha apparently heeded the call to make a version of its popular women’s Canyon/SRAM team kit for us dudes as well.

Based upon the brand’s successful Core jersey, the knuckle-dragger version is available in six sizes, and features a full-length zip and three pockets, along with laser-cut grippers lined with silicone.

In addition, Rapha is also offering a breathable, mesh base-layer, along with a choice of either mid or high-cut socks.

To hell with Women’s Lib, this time it’s #ALLCYLINGDUDESLIVESMATTER.

CSE01XXMUL-Product-H116-Front_SMALL   CBL01XXMUL-Product-H116-Front_SMALL

CRS02XXPNK-product-h116-1_SMALL   CRS02SHPNK-product-h116-1_SMALL




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