- - Rapha Partners with One More City on Limited Collection to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Rapha Partners with One More City on Limited Collection to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Rapha has partnered with One More City on a limited collection of apparel that raises funds for cancer research. 

The annual cycling campaign One More City was started in 2017 by Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) member Christine O’Connell, a cancer victim herself, to raise money for breast cancer support services for the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London.

“One More City is an annual cycling campaign which challenges riders to travel between two great European cities in support of secondary breast cancer research. Just like the experiences of those who live with secondary cancer, this is a journey that never ends as each ride begins where the previous ride finished. To represent beauty, resilience and the ability to bounce back, the design of the collection is inspired by flowers found along the route. This year, the challenge travelled from Manchester and London and back over four days. To commemorate the route, you’ll also find both city’s symbols and, on the inner placket, female body shapes to represent an issue that mainly impacts women,” explains O’Connell.

The collection consists of women’s and men’s jerseys, caps and bags, which sell for $150.00, $30.00 and $20.00 respectively, with all of the profits going toward a new breast cancer PhD studentship at The Institute of Cancer Research, in partnership with Imperial College London.

“The aim is to create and develop new treatment options for patients with advanced breast cancer by bringing together the best resources and innovative research methods of two of the UK’s leading cancer research centers,” says the Institute of Cancer Research.






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