- - Rapha Targets the Environment with New Organic Cotton Logo Collection

Rapha Targets the Environment with New Organic Cotton Logo Collection

Following up on its Classic Jersey II and Classic Bib Shorts, which incorporate recycled polyester, comes the relaunch of Rapha’s Logo Collection, a revamped casual off-bike range of apparel that features a wide range of t-shirts, hoodies, polos and more, available in relaxed fits that are “cut for comfort and soft to the touch.”

The new Logo Collection is made using cotton sourced exclusively from organic farms. Rapha notes that using organic cotton reduces its environmental impact, while improving supply chain transparency.

“The documentation that comes with organic cotton helps us to better understand its origins and ensure we’re sourcing from regions that protect the human rights of its cotton farmers. Organic cotton has now become the default sourcing option'” explains Rapha. 

As part of its goal to be carbon-neutral by 2025, Rapha says the company will be reducing its impacts across the board, as the British brand will be transitioning to 100% renewable energy in all stores and offices globally, adopting low-impact packaging and using environmentally preferred materials across 90% of its seasonal production.

Additionally, Rapha points out that that anywhere between 80 – 90% of its environmental impact is going to come from its supply chain, particularly in the creation of fabrics, as harvesting raw materials and transforming them into high quality fabrics takes a lot of resources

“Considering cotton isn’t a material people would necessarily associate with Rapha, it surprised us to see that these styles were contributing so much to our overall impact,” explains Duncan Money, Head of Social & Environmental Impact for Rapha. 

“In fact, transitioning from conventional to organic cotton quickly presented itself as one of the simplest yet most effective ways of reducing our carbon, water and chemical footprint, but equally it gives us greater visibility into our supply chain, which is the first step to ensuring the wellbeing of the people we source from. In response, in a single season we have transitioned 95% of our cotton, by weight, to organic sources, with the remainder set to follow in the coming seasons,” he adds.

You see view the full Logo Collection here.

  • Men’s & Women’s Logo T-Shirt – $40
  • Men’s Logo Pocket T-Shirt – $40
  • Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $55
  • Men’s Logo Polo – $60
  • Men’s Logo Pullover Hoodie – $95
  • Men’s & Women’s Logo Sweatshirt – $75

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