- - RedWhite Apparel's "The Bib" Reviewed

RedWhite Apparel’s “The Bib” Reviewed

While surfing the internet one evening involving topics unrelated to cycling, a pop-up ad for RedWhite Apparel’s The Bib suddenly appeared on my screen, proclaiming to be the world’s most comfortable bibshort. I guess Big Brother really does know our preferences.

In any case, as someone who has reviewed the finest cycling apparel the-world-over, needless to say, I was eager to put RedWhite’s bold claim to the test. And, after a couple of email exchanges with RedWhite’s founder, Yuva Viswanathan, a pair of the Singapore-based brand’s bibs were sent-off to me.

Initial Impressions

Upon first glance, premium Italian-sourced fabrics, silicon leg grippers and generously-wide, ventilated straps conspicuously plotted The Bib. But, it was the chamois pad that was the obvious stand-out feature of the garment, comprising a proprietary molded pad that’s designed for maximum comfort.

What distinguishes the pad, is its considerable thickness and greater density when compared to others, while additional padding along the sits bones framed-in by unique channeling further punctuate the design. RedWhite describes it as a proprietary “Thermic Molding” process that eliminates layers being glued together, instead resulting in a one-piece construction.

So, is The Bib really the world’s most comfortable bibshort?

Well, it certainly proved to be during a series of hot, grueling rides that saw elevation gain calculable by 100 feet per mile here in western Massachusetts, all-the-while keeping my nether regions feeling supremely comfortable. Moreover, no matter how drenched in perspiration the bibs became, the fit always remained solid and composed, never feeling soggy or sluggish against the body. 

That said, at $140 The Bib not only provides superior comfort, but at a relative bargain.

One caveat however, sizing runs very small, even more so than some of the most “race-cut” European apparel that I’m accustom to. So, I would suggest going up a size, or putting oneself on a steady diet of pocket lint before donning a pair.

Other than that, The Bib is highly recommended for those seeking maximum comfort for long days in the saddle. It’s also worth mentioning, since the padding is so substantial, the shorts are a worthy contender for indoor cycling where one can remain perched for hours. 



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