- - The REVO Urban Bicycle by Tamás Túri

The REVO Urban Bicycle by Tamás Túri

Tamás Túri is no strange when it comes to turning out unusual, cutting-edge bicycles – to the delight of the urban cycling culture.

Indeed, the cycling masses have no sooner recovered from Túri’s last far-flung 3BEE concept bike, the Hungarian designer has introduced his latest exercise in futuristic bike design called the REVO.

Not to be out-done by the 3BEE, the REVO follows a similar design path, wherein 3D-printing is used to create a frame comprised of plastic, wood and steel, yielding the requisite amount of durability, lightness and versatility to handle even the most demanding urban riding conditions, while also doing away with any notion of conventional aesthetics in similar fashion.

In addition, the REVO features a scooter-inspired saddle, which has a much wider, elongated design, that’s aimed at providing additional comfort during those longer rides across the metropolis. Moreover, the revolutionary longer seat is designed to accommodate two passengers.

This feature is what brings a unique social element to the REVO, turning, say, a mundane commute to work, or a routine jaunt on errands, into an opportunity for passengers to interact on a more intimate basis along the way.

In order to tackle the rigors of the urban terrain, the REVO is designed with different sized wheels (front: 24”; back: 26”). This gives the bike an extremely narrow wheelbase, but still preserves the performance of a regular city bike.

Additionally, the REVO’s basic construction, that involves only two wooden parts, has been designed to extend beyond the bike’s wider rear hub, which serves to keep constant tension on the bike in order to overcome damaging forces that may cause the frame to twist. Also wood is more flexible than steel or aluminum and provides a more comfortable ride when navigating rough roads.

All of this sound great, but it will be interesting to see if the REVO ever makes beyond the design stage into production. We hope so. 


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