- - Reynolds Launches New Range of 80mm Wheelsets

Reynolds Launches New Range of 80mm Wheelsets

Comprising the AR 80, Blacklabel Expert 80 and Blacklabel Pro 80, Reynolds has launched a new range of 80mm wheelsets, promising enthusiasts and pro riders alike wheels that deliver both speed and stability without compromise courtesy of the brand’s Aero Versatility (RAV) design philosophy, an innovative profile that not only upholds optimal stability but also enhances speed and aerodynamic adaptability.

“RAV serves as the guiding principle behind the development of all Reynolds road products. Through innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) validated by wind tunnel and real-world testing, every wheel is meticulously engineered to maximize overall aerodynamic efficiency and, consequently, performance. Reynolds prioritizes drag reduction for superior aerodynamic efficiency while also placing a high value on stability as a key evaluation factor. By maintaining stability, the wheel empowers the rider, the most significant aerodynamic element of a bike, to sustain a more streamlined position for longer periods, resulting in a dual increase in efficiency,” explains Reynolds.

While the focus on aerodynamics is crucial for the performance of the new wheelsets, Reynolds’ engineering team took a comprehensive approach to ensure that every aspect of the wheel’s design and construction prioritizes performance, reliability, and stability. The Carbon Rim 6 (CR6) carbon layup and resin system not only enhance stiffness but also contribute to greater efficiency, power transfer, and durability. The Blacklabel 80 is not only stable and fast but also remarkably efficient, thanks to the Reynolds CR6 laminate design and advanced resin system that delivers a lightweight rim despite its depth. With a weight of just 1625 grams per set, it sits closer to the mid-depth rims of the past, offering stability and speed without compromising on agility. Also, this lower rotational mass means less energy is needed to accelerate, providing snappier responses in corners and sprints.

Additionally, the Blacklabel 80 range is further enhanced by Reynolds’ Dispersive Effect Termination (DET 2) profile technology, ensuring unparalleled drag reduction, enhanced efficiency and a smoother ride experience.

“This exceptional stability in an 80mm deep wheelset instills a sense of confidence in riders, allowing them to concentrate on maintaining a strong and efficient riding position. With the Blacklabel, you can now enjoy all the advantages of top speed without compromising on safety,” boasts Reynolds.


Elsewhere, the Blacklabel Pro 80 is fitted with Reynolds’ new CNC machined Blacklabel Pro Torch hubs, a joint effort in partnership with Industry 9, which features a 6° engagement angle for swift and efficient power delivery.

“The introduction of Reynolds’ Blacklabel 80 range marks a new era in speed and efficiency. While the wheel’s essence remains true, its versatility has expanded, offering riders a significant performance advantage in multiple disciplines. With the DET2 profile design, these wheels deliver performance akin to deeper rims, coupled with exceptional stability that broadens their usability. Your choice of wheels can significantly impact your performance, so opt for a wheelset that considers all your needs. Experience the thrill of exceptional speed with the Reynolds Blacklabel 80 – Ride better, ride Reynolds,” says the brand.

Naturally, the new range of 80mm wheelsets are disc brake only and feature a tubeless-ready design, with the AR 80, Blacklabel Expert and Blacklabel Pro fetching $1,499.99, $1,899.99 and $2,299.99, respectively. 

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