- - Reynolds Shows-Off New “Everywhere Wheel” Range of Wheelsets

Reynolds Shows-Off New “Everywhere Wheel” Range of Wheelsets

Reynolds is showing-off its new range of wheelsets called the “Everywhere Wheel”, which feature a rim profile of 46mm across all models that are designed for varied terrains, gradients and conditions.

“Winning races requires excellence and race winning wheels must offer excellence no matter where the race takes place. From start to finish the varied nature of terrain, gradient andconditions requires a tool that is capable of offering excellence across all situations that could bepresent during competition. Reynolds has produced a tool that performs in just such a versatilemanner that it should be dubbed the “everywhere wheel”. The new 46mm Road platform is extremely versatile yet with a performance that gives it a laser like focus on one single destination, the podium. With the goal of all Reynolds wheels being not merely to compete but rather to win, its performancewas necessarily optimized in a 360-degree manner. The 46mm offering is a mid-depth profile thatis extremely versatile yet best in class in terms of aerodynamics. Designed using the RAV designphilosophy, the new DET 2 profile offers not only unrivaled aerodynamic performance but classleading stability as well. Reynolds’ comprehensive approach to aerodynamics that provide real worldbenefit is the key to producing a wheel that produces a tangible benefit to all riders. While windtunnel and CFD analysis is part of the development process, the Reynolds profile is designed with the innumerable Yaw angles of wind a rider will encounter on the road. The DET 2 profile is made in such a way to improve not only the wheel’s aerodynamics in a versatile and performance enhancing way, but also conferring the stability necessary for the rider to safely maintain a more aerodynamic and efficient position. In other words, the design of the Reynolds profile takes into consideration boththe aerodynamics of the rider as well as the wheelset, as the two must necessarily compete (and win)together. (There is no price point for top aerodynamics and the DET 2 rim profile remains constant throughout the range),” boasts Reynolds. 

Comprising the BL46 Pro, BL46 Expert and AR46, the rims have an internal width of 21mm wide, which feature a hooked, tubeless design that’s optimized for 28mm tires.

“By mating such a stiff and efficient rim structureto equally efficient hubs then power transferis exponentially increased. By mating thetorsionally resistant Reynolds 46mm rim to theco-developed Reynolds/Industry 9 BlacklabelTorch road hubs there is no doubt that every wattis used towards propelling the rider forwards.While the attention towards stiffness of theunit makes for a more efficient ride, the 21mmhooked tubeless channel allows for furtherefficiencies in addition to comfort. The wider,tubeless channel is designed to offer a superiortire fit and compatibility with contemporarytire designs, optimized for 28mm tires. Suchcompatibility allows for not only comfort butlower rolling resistance thanks for larger tiresrun at comparably lower pressures and thehooked design allows for a greater tire pressurerange and is compatible with any tubeless tire,” explains Reynolds. 

Additionally, the same rim shape is used throughout the three-model range, although the BL46 Pro, and BL46 Expert wheels use Reynolds’ sophisticated CR6 carbon construction process, while the less expensive AR46 uses the company’s simpler CR3 method. Also, the AR46 wheels use Reynolds/Ringle SRX hubs (three pawls, 12° engagement) and Sapim Sprint spokes.

“While a meticulously designed aerodynamic profile provides a great deal of the performance advantage the 46mm wheel represents, making the perfect all-rounder wheel required adding efficiencies in terms of weight. Sleek andlightning fast on the flats yet amazinglylightweight and nimble for efficiency oneven the steepest gradient. The proprietaryCR6 laminate design and enhanced resinsystem makes for the absolute lightest, nocompromise wheelset that can perform up tothe lofty Reynolds performance, efficiency andgenerated by the rider translates into forwardmovement. Not only making a sleek andlightweight rim at the top of its class in bothcategories but making it highly resistantto torsional forces was an engineering featindeed. The carbon layup design was furtherengineered beyond making a lightweight andreliable structure to confer the best possiblepower transfer possible.durability standards. At 1397gr for the pair theBL46 PRO are extremely lightweight, however, considering the Reynolds lifetime guarantee for the integrity of the rim, it is in a class of its own.While unrivaled aerodynamics and lightweight,yet extremely resistant construction go fartowards reducing the amount of drag orresistance the rider must overcome to generate speed, however a great deal of attention was paid towards ensuring that every watt,” adds Reynolds. 

All three variants are available in Shimano HGR 11-spd, SRAM XDR or Campagnolo N3W freehub bodies.

To learn more about the new “Everywhere Wheel” range and pricing, you can visit Reynolds’ website here.





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