- - Ridley Launches New Noah SL

Ridley Launches New Noah SL

Taking cues from the Lotto-Belisol Team, who’s been racing the Noah FAST and Helium development bikes on the pro scene, the Belgian brand has heeded their advice in the creation  of the new pro-level Noah SL. 

Ridley unveiled the new Noah on their website this week, but perhaps more importantly, it made it’s debut during this week’s EuroBike Show.  

Here’s their ditty:

At Eurobike, we presented our new aero frame: the Noah SL.

The Noah frames have been with Ridley for quite some time, and were developed to be the most aerodynamic frames in the Ridley range, and even the world! With the Noah FAST we redefined bicycle aerodynamics with 3 patented innovations: integrated brakes, F-Splitfork and F-Surface. Now we are ready to launch the next version of the Noah family: the Noah SL!

The Noah SL is all about speed and performance. It’s racing heritage, combined with superior aerodynamic technology and beautiful design sets a new benchmark in the aero category. It stays true to our form-follows-function design principle where every detail has been studied and tested to reach ultimate performance. The Lotto-Belisol riders wanted an all-round aerodynamic frame that is also light, we provided the Noah SL.

André Greipel: “There is a very good communication with Ridley Bikes. I have a close contact with them, so we can exchange ideas. They want to supply us with the best material and we can make suggestions. I suggested an adjustable seat post, to easily change the height, that’s also positive for the buyers. It’s important that Ridley Bikes supports us. There’s a constant evolution in the bike world, so you need the best engineers. At Ridley Bikes they are always looking for innovations to make the bikes even better.”

“As a rider I appreciate that Ridley Bikes takes our advice to heart. The good relationship between the riders and Ridley Bikes is necessary for the future. The Noah SL is the next step in the development. I already did a training with the Noah SL and a first impression never deceives. The frame looks good and is lighter. It’s also stiff, I find that important. This is a fast bike. I’m looking forward to race with it.”


F-Split fork (patented)

The Noah SL features the latest evolution of the F-Split fork. This patented technology, with twin fork blades, dramatically lowers the drag by pulling away the frontal airflow from the wheel. The Noah SL fork is fully integrated into the frame so it creates a smooth transition with the headtube. Together with the lowered downtube and the front wheel cut-out this area offers superior aerodynamic performance.

In-mould F-Surface (patented)

To optimize the laminar airflow at the tubing we borrowed the innovative In-mould F-Surface from our Dean FAST. Strategically placed surface channels, on the downtube and seatpost, create micro turbulences at the boundary layer, keeping the airflow as close to the surface as possible. This decreases drag by 5%.

Wheel cutouts

Both front and rear wheel are tucked in the frame design to minimize the gaps. This further decreases the turbulence in these areas.

Internal cablerouting

The Noah SL is compatible with both mechanical and electronic drivetrains and all cables run internally, through smart cableguides . This gives a clean look, improves aerodynamics, protects the wires from the elements and lowers the weight.

Dropped aero seatstays

We launched the dropped aero seatstays on the Dean FAST where they proved their aerodynamic benefits. One of the main goals during the development of the Noah SL was improving the comfort level without negatively affecting the lateral stiffness.

Wheel- & Tire clearance

We made sure the Noah SL would be compatible with the latest offerings of wider aero rims. Next to that, both frame and fork are  fully suited to accept 25mm tires, which offer better grip and more comfort. 



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