- - Rotwild Lifts the Curtains on R.R275 E-Gravel Bikes

Rotwild Lifts the Curtains on R.R275 E-Gravel Bikes

Rotwild has lifted the curtains on its latest R.R 275 X e-gravel bikes, giving gravelers some added boost when the terrain gets tough.

The R.R275 X marks the German brand’s first foray into the e-gravel segment, featuring a lightweight, rigid design that’s made entirely out of carbon fiber, along with a motor, battery and controller that are centrally located in order to achieve excellent balance and a low center of gravity.

At the center of the R.R275 X is TQ’s Harmonic Pin Rig HPR50 drive that pumps out 250 watts and 50Nm of torque, while shifting comes courtesy of a SRAM Force AXS wireless groupset. Customers can also opt to add a 160Wh extender battery to the main 250Wh cell.

Elsewhere, the R.R 275 X gets fully internal cable and hose routing, along with Supernova LED lights that are built into the stem and frame for on-road visibility.

Offer in two guises, the Pro sells for $9,600, while the Ultra gets a set of eye-catching Xentis five spoke carbon wheels that raise the price to a hefty $12,800.




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