- - "SAFE + SOUND" Modular Headphones Designed for Cyclists

“SAFE + SOUND” Modular Headphones Designed for Cyclists

Created by British designer, Gemma Roper, the Safe+Sound headphones were created specifically with the cyclist in mind.

Using “bone conduction”, the modular headphones feature clip-on modules which can be attached to the strap any cycling helmet, which send audio through a cyclist’s cheekbones, while leaving the rider’s ears free to hear what’s going on around them. 

In addition, when not being used for cycling, the modules can slot into an earpad for more traditional, immersive listening.

While we’ve never experienced listening to music via our cheekbones before, the Safe+Sound headphones appear to have merit with regard to bike safety. 

Still, the thought of music being conducted via one’s cheekbones, make us wonder if the sound could be altered based on facial expressions. A somber face for opera, or sullen face for heavy metal perhaps?

This could very well be the start of a whole new competitive psychological, facial, cycling app called StravaCheeks.    




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