- - Saris Launches New SUPERBones 3 Bike Rack

Saris Launches New SUPERBones 3 Bike Rack

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Saris recently launched the 7th generation version of its popular Bones bike rack, called the SUPERBones 3

The key features of the new SUPERBones, is a new strap management system, which now uses a simple  lever release combined with a push button that adjust tension.

From there, all a cyclist has to do, is simply use the lever to “racket in” what’s needed in terms of final retention. 

Another nice feature about the new SUPERBones, is the straps are nicely stowed away in the rack’s arms, which adds to its clean look and design.

Additionally, according to Saris, the SUPERBones’ straps are now reinforced with four steel cords, which they say provides fast greater strength over the previous nylon ones. Moreover, the SUPERBones also features an integrated lock, which pulls out to secure bikes to the rack, while the levers that release the straps also remain lock,  so no would-be thief can release the strap tension and steal the rack off one’s vehicle.

Lastly, the SUPERBones’ telescoping legs, now rotate out of the way, so bikes can slide on more easily. But, perhaps most importantly, the SUPERBones continues to use Saris’ signature molded injected plastic, smooth angles and soft contact points to ensure that your precious vehicle never gets scratched or harmed in any way. 

Like all Saris racks, the SUPERBones comes with a lifetime warranty, with the three-bike model available for $399.

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