- - Schwalbe Boasts New Aerothan Thermoplastic Inner Tubes

Schwalbe Boasts New Aerothan Thermoplastic Inner Tubes

Despite the tubeless tire revolution that’s come to dominate the cycling market, there are quite a few traditionalists still out there who prefer the simplicity and performance of clincher tires.

Apparently Schwalbe recognizes this with the launch of its new Aerothan thermoplastic inner tube, boasting lighter weight and improved puncture resistance that outperforms butyl and latex tubes during testing.

Tipping the scales at a scant 41 grams for the road version, Schwalbe claims the Aerothan is not only more durable, but they also offer a superior ride quality over traditional inner tubes. Moreover, they can be ridden at lower tire pressures to satisfy the requirements of off-road riding – particularly gravel cycling. 

“The Aerothan offers a  high level of resilience, unique ultimate tensile strength, superior damping properties, extreme heat resistance and greatest wear resistance. They’re also fully recyclable,” says the German brand. 

Additionally, Schwalbe says the structural properties of the Aerothan mean that a tube won’t suddenly go flat in the event of a puncture.

To wit, “in case of a defect, air escapes only very slowly,” says Schwalbe. “Even at extremely low air pressure, it retains its shape and thus stays rideable in a stable manner – pinch flats or burping becomes much less of a threat. In addition, mounting is much easier. The tube does not slide away and cannot get caught.”

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