- - Schwalbe Launches Marathon E-Plus Tire for the E-Bike Market

Schwalbe Launches Marathon E-Plus Tire for the E-Bike Market

Schwalbe has launched a new tire called the Marathon E-Plus that’s aimed squarely at the e-bike segment. 

Similar to Schwalbe’s Marathon Plus tire, the E-Plus is punctured proof as well, thanks to the brand’s SmartGuard anti-puncture layer and RaceGuard canvas. 
“Smart Guard is more than just a thick rubber belt”, explains Markus Hachmeyer. “It was not just conceived in the sense of ‘the bigger, the better’, but actually represents the latest technical advances in rubber compounding and puncture protection. The approximate 200 gram extra weight compared with the ‘classic’ Marathon is hardly noticeable in everyday use”.
In addition to a new carcass, the Marathon E-Plus also has a new tread that features a special compound that Schwalbe calls Addix E-Compound

According to Schwalbe, the benefits of the new compound is that it offers lower rolling resistance, better grip at all speeds and better wear than previous versions. Moreover, the profile is shaped in such a way that the tire can handle different types of terrain.

Additionally, the Marathon E-Plus’ sidewalls are protected from showing cracks and age at low tire pressures, whereby the structure of the carcass has been substantially improved over the standard Marathon Plus. Also, the sidewalls have textile inserts for extra stabilization when under pressure due to increased weight.

Lastly, the Marathon E-Plus has a ECE-75R certification meaning that they are homologated for the higher speeds for the speed pedelec category.



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