- - Schwarzenegger Stopped By Police For Riding Without Helmet

Schwarzenegger Stopped By Police For Riding Without Helmet

The “Terminator’s” cycling jaunt got terminated by police in Melbourne, Australia yesterday, when he was observed riding without a helmet.

Former Governor of California and Hollywood legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was stopped by police after he was spotted riding down a street in the city center without proper protection.

Cyclists in Australia can face a fine of up to $112 if they are caught riding without a helmet, but Schwarzenegger was let off with a warning.

Senior Constable Robert Gillson, who pulled over the star, told the media:

“I saw a group of cyclists riding ahead of me and we just went up to do a routine intercept. Then we noticed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the crowd.

“We spoke to him briefly and had a little chat with him about the reason why I pulled him over. He was very likable and very approachable. He stated that his father was a policeman, so there was very much mutual respect there.”

Officer Gillson ordered Schwarzenegger to head to the nearest convenience store to buy a helmet.


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