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See.Sense Icon Bike Light

See Sense ICON is an industry-leading cycle light that connects you to a world of innovative features through your smartphone.

ICON brings breakthrough software to an intelligent bike light for the first time. It’s light years ahead of any other bike light.

See.Sense’s first intelligent bike light was a great Kickstarter success. Thousands are now in use around the world. By listening carefully to feedback we have applied five years of development and research to build ICON, the best intelligent light on the market.

It knows how to power-manage

Do you want a light with high brightness, long runtime or light and compact? Wouldn’t you rather have them all! See.Sense ICON is bright when you need it to be, has a long run-time and is light and compact.

It keeps you more visible

With See.Sense ICON’s advanced, patent pending sensor technology, it is the ONLY bike light in the world that can react by flashing brighter and faster at roundabouts, as well as to road-junctions and even to approaching car headlights at night.

ICON’s intelligent features don’t require a smartphone connection, but when you pair it with your smartphone you’ll unlock these additional features:


Just pair your ICON light with your smartphone, and take control of your light with our free app that is compatible with iOS and Android:

-Check your battery level
-Change from flashing light to constant
-Customise your lights to optimise your brightness/run-time using a simple slider
-Control multiple lights at once. Turn off your front light, and instantly turn off all others in your system
-Auto-on/off. Automatically turns off your light after 3 minutes of inactivity, or if you walk more than 3 metres from your light.


When you are at your favourite coffee-stop, and your trusted bike is leaning up against a wall outside. ICON will send you an alert if anything or anyone disturbs your bike.


If you have a crash, ICON knows when you have been in an accident and will send an text to your nominated contact for help.


Always have the latest firmware and newest features by downloading them over the cloud.


ICON continually monitors your environment so it knows how to react to keep you more visible on the roads. It can monitor road surfaces, crashes, near-miss events, light levels, temperature levels and routes taken. With your permission, your anonymised data can be uploaded to the cloud and aggregated data can then be shared with councils to provide smart cities solutions that benefit all cyclists.

This information can have an impact in a number of ways most importantly by reducing future incidents by for example alerting cyclists of dangerous routes and informing Councils and municipalities on their priority areas for cycling infrastructure provision. The road surface information gathered by the device may also be used for early pothole identification so that Councils can perform repairs at a lower cost before further deterioration leads to a safety hazard. This will also benefit other road users and contribute to smarter cities for all citizens.

Our vision is that See.Sense ICON will provide a cost-effective way for councils and municipalities to access high quality, crowd-sourced data for use in smart cities initiatives and infrastructure design to benefit everyone.

However, if you are not comfortable sharing your data, that’s fine. You can opt out of data contribution at any time and just use ICON as a super-bright cycle light.

Affordable and Practical: Other options to connect your bike are expensive, complicated to fit, or clutter up your handlebars. ICON cleverly connects you with a device that you’ll want to use on your bike – a super bright, daylight visible bike light. ICON lets you keep your phone in your pocket or bag (where it belongs) and your eyes on the road.

All in 1 device: See.sense ICON is an industry-leading cycle light, with anti-theft, crash alert and many more features – all in one device.

Ease of Use: We designed ICON for everyone. From the beginner to a competitive cyclist. You’ll be connected and lighting your way in a matter of seconds. No complicated setup is needed to programme your lights. Use either the button on the front of the light or the app.

-Even without intelligence and connectivity, we’ve designed ICON to be a market leading bike light with:

-Daylight visible light brightness, using super-bright twin CREE LED’s

Learn more about See Sense at their Kickstarter campaign.

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